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About Project 514 415

Project 514 415 is an art and literature project inviting everyone impacted by endometriosis to share their lived experiences of endometriosis by submitting art or literature pieces inspired by their endometriosis journey.

All submissions will be published into a coffee table book and showcased at an exhibition to:

  • Raise awareness for both symptoms & the lived experiences of endometriosis!

  • Debunk misconceptions!

  • Highlight the urgent need for updated medical research and upskilling of medical professionals!

  • Reduce the ‘average’ diagnosis period down from 8 years (for many this can be 20-30 years until diagnosis)

  • Create a safe space for people with endometriosis to be heard, seen, and validated!

  • Create positive change for the next generation!

  • Increase empathy for the impact that endometriosis has on sufferers, their families, futures, careers, friendships, medical care, mental health, dreams, studying, etc.

Project 514 415 gives a voice to the 1 in 10 sufferers who spend years suffering in silence until a diagnosis is made, only for them to have to fight for support & treatment to manage their symptoms.

We hope that Project 514 415 will have a positive impact on everyone who takes part. Be that as a healing process, processing tool, or a reflective experience, depending on what part of your journey you are currently experiencing. We would love Project 514 415 to be as diverse as possible, showing the full impact that endometriosis has on suffers lives. From the; Highs to the lows, the miracles to the calamities, and everything in between. 

Art Display

Meet the Founder

Please contact us on

Photography Exhibition


Standing together to create a positive impact within the endometriosis community by debunk misconceptions of endometriosis, and co-hosting Project 514 415 events. 


Art Gallery

Our Advisors & Ambassadors

Here at Project 514 415 we like to pride ourselves on being a caretaker of a project that is owned by the endometriosis community. In which we have created a platform for all voices within this community to heard. 


Our volunteer’s dedication and passion are the driving force behind Project 514 415. We are so thankful for their talents and expertise that not only ensures everyone’s voice within this community is heard, but also enables the project to be developed in a diverse and progressive manor.

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