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The Lived Experiences of Endometriosis: Workshops, Advocacy & Support Sessions

Project 514 415 offers a unique combination of events to:

  • Support the endometriosis community

  • Raise awareness of the lived experiences & symptoms of endometriosis

  • Provide educational sessions to public workers and employers.

Session in Progress

Supporting the Endometriosis Community

We understand that everyone learns differently, in which it is vital to design a variety of workshops and sessions to cater all learning styles, abilities, and ages. We have carefully individualised our workshops and support sessions to ensure that each session in not only engaging, but appropriate to the target audience and theme of the session. 

Here at Project 514 415 we know that in order to support the endometriosis community, we need to provide training and educational opportunities outside of the endometriosis community, to create an empathic support network which will enable the community to thrive and improve their quality of life, within society. 

How we provide support & advocacy to the Endometriosis Community:

Art Class

Art Therapy

Support Groups

Support Groups

Adult Education Course




Experts Panel

Panel Discussion

Working Together


Girl Coloring

Play Therapy

Business Meeting

Bespoke sessions

Booking enquires 

Please email for all enquires 

Project 514 415 Location

Although we are based in the UK we are able to deliver support and advocacy sessions abroad. Alternatively, we can put you in touch with one of the endometriosis organisations that we have worked with who maybe able to assist you further. 

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