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Poetry Competition

The 514 415 'Awareness Campaign' Poetry Competition 

We are inviting everyone to be inspired by our 'Endometriosis Awareness Posters' by creating a poem based on a poster of your choice. Each artist will select a submitted poem that has been inspired by their art work to be included within The 514 415 poetry book, exploring the lived experiences of endometriosis. Everyone taking part can submit a maximum of 16 poems, one poem per poster.

The 514 415 poetry book will be self-published and available to buy on amazon in May 2024. All profits from the sale of The 514 415 poetry book will go towards the publication of the 'Project 514 415 Coffee Table Book"


All posters can be downloaded from Buy Me Coffee. 

Please note that we are unable to offer any payment for selected poems that will published within our poetry book.

Be inspired by our 'Awareness Campaign'

Poetry Submissions

Deadline 7th April 2024

Good Luck!


Example of poetry inspired by an artists works.


The scars forced upon me.

A timeline you see.

Where excision had to be.


An artist at work.

Sculpting the lesions away.

Leaving their mark in the way.


My canvas signed with a stich.

A scar created for me.

A memory of a dream to be.


Inspired by Clare Gregory's Art Work 

Written by Verity Kerr from Project 514 415

  • ‘Clare Gregory's current art collection 'Endo Belly Button' which explores the scars left behind following endometriosis surgery inspired this poem. 


Endo Belly Button By Clare Gregory


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