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Project 514 415: The Lived Experiences of Endometriosis

Lets stop the silence together! 

Our collaborative art and literature project, has given a voice to the 1-in-10 people people living with endometriosis, in which 150 people shared their lived experiences with endometriosis through art and literature pieces with the aim of:

  • Raising awareness for both symptoms & the lived experiences of endometriosis.

  • Debunk misconceptions.

  • Highlighting the urgent need for updated medical research and upskilling of medical professionals.

  • Reducing the ‘average’ diagnosis period down from 8 years (for many this can be 20-30 years until diagnosis).

  • Create a safe space for people with endometriosis to be heard, seen, and validated.

  • Creating impactful changes for the next generation.

  • Increase knowledge and provide education to change societal bias regarding, invisible illnesses, women’s health & wellbeing, and menstrual health.

  • Increase empathy for the endometriosis community and have an awareness on the impact of sufferers’ families, careers, friendships, physical and mental well-being, futures etc.

Over 150 people have shared their lived experiences with endometriosis through art & literature 

Stomach Ache

139 Endo Sufferers

Young Man

3 Sons

Father and Daughter

2 Dads

Mother and Daughter

1 Mum

Friends at the Beach

1 Friend

Teacher in Classroom

1 Lecture / Teacher

Happy Couple

1 Boyfriend

Happy Family

A Whole Family

Bride and Groom with Sparklers

1 Husband

Spring Wedding

1 Wife

Girl with Camera

1 Daughter

Gardening Together

1 Granddaughter

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