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Passing Artworks

The Lived Experiences of Endometriosis:

The Public Gallery

We would like to create as many opportunities as possible for a diverse range of communities to engage with 'The Lived Experiences of Endometriosis'. Please reach out to us if you are able to host a gallery viewing in your community. 

What She Feels What You See.png

Self-portrait by: Anonymous 

You don't always realise that you need this information, until it's too late!

Unfortunately people within the endometriosis community not only suffer in silence for years (even decades) not understanding that their symptoms are 'not healthy,' but it was in fact endometriosis! This delay in diagnosis also increases the risk of complexed endometriosis which can result in, the loss of organs, further health complications, and reduced quality of life.   

Once diagnosed with endometriosis many patients are given limited or / and incorrect medical advise and treatment options. This not only prolongs the suffering of patients but results in months or even years of self advocacy and research to get the knowledge to make informed choices and receive gold standard treatment, which is currently conservative excision surgery by a endometriosis specialist.


This is knowledge that everyone should have access to as endometriosis not only impacts the 1-in-10 people formally diagnosed with the condition, but has an impact on:

  • Parent's who watch their child sufferer in agony with deteriorating health being told that, "Nothing is wrong / labs are all clear"; "They have low pain tolerance"; "They are anxious due to exams etc".

  • Future & current Team Leaders, CEO's or Mangers who will have staff suffering with have endometriosis, or have employees who have a child or partner who they support with endometriosis. 

  • Future & current MP's, Minsters, World Leaders who's power and influence impacts our health care, right's, polices, laws, funding, and future stability.

  • Future & current medical professionals in which their clinical understanding of endometriosis and medical bias results in their patients continued suffering, & break down in the clinical relationship between patient and clinician.

  • Future & current partners who will also be indirectly impacted by endometriosis.

  • The next generation of endometriosis sufferers who sufferer in silence trying to cope with their symptoms, who are often dismissed multiple times when reaching out for medical help. 

Show casing the lived experiences of endometriosis within community spaces.

Public galleries will not only raise awareness of endometriosis to people who are unaware of the condition, enabling them to engage in the impact that endometriosis has, these galleries can also:

  • Empower someone suffering with endometriosis symptoms to advocate for themselves with the their GP or / and endometriosis specialist. 

  • Debunk the misconceptions of endometriosis, which creates bias and unsupportive environments for the endometriosis community.

  • Increase empathy and awareness for people who have endometriosis, which could result in policy changes and reasonable adjustments. 

  • Highlight 'unhealthy symptoms', which will enable quicker access to appropriate medical tests and treatments. 

  • Create an understanding of the lived experiences, which can highlight the support needs for the endometriosis community.


X Marks the Spot by: Clare Gregory 

Andrea Neph - Endo Art - Glass Art.PNG.png

Heart by Andrea Ervin 

Art & literature has the power to entice you into a world you are yet to explore

There are many benefits to showcasing art projects within community, public, and even organisational spaces:

  • Help shape social environments 

  • Challenge the spectators understanding of politics and social situations.

  • Draw attention to previously hidden inequalities.

  • Challenge the viewer to confront social issues

  • Enable people to relate and connect to pieces on a personal level 

  • Has a positive impact on mental health 

  • Promote conversation

  • Humanise the environment  

  • Develop a shared identity

  • Create social movements 

  • Decrease stress

Public Gallery Ideas

We are open to initiative ideas from all communities and organisations, who are able to support a public gallery to showcase 'The Lived Experiences of Endometriosis'. For further information please email us at

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