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Event Speaker

We are able to support you in both in-person and virtual events internationally, please contact us if you require a speaker at your next event. We will work with you to ensure that we meet your agenda and audience expectations. We cannot wait to speak or host a bespoke workshop at your next event.


 Conference, panellist, keynote speaker, corporate events, student events, educational sessions, media, and interview options can be accommodated.

Black and White Students

Speaking engagements can offer not only a personalised account of experiences but humanises discussion topics, facilitating an empathic learning experience. We are fortunate enough to have a team of experts, with a mix of professions and lived experiences that can speak on a variety of topics. Please Email us on so that we can book you in with a member of our team that best suits your events audience and subject topics. please note that you may require more than one speaker depending on the type of topics you would like delivered at your event. 


Topics we can discuss: 

  • Women's Health & Advocating for your health.

  • The lived experience of endometriosis (symptoms, diagnosis, treatments and experiences from a patients view point, psychosocial factors and centralising care / diagnosis).

  • The lived experience of IVF / infertility / high risk pregnancy (psychosocial factors, treatments and experiences from a patients view point).

  • Gas lighting (medical / corporate / social / self gas lighting, the effects of gas lighting, how to manage gas lighting, healing from gas lighting). 

  • Living with an invisible illness (Parenting with a chronic illness)

  • Manging fatigue (based on science).

  • Tool kit for managing chronic pain (based on pain science).

  • Supporting neurodivergent access health care.

  • Supporting the LGBTQIA+ community access Menstrual health care.

  • Advocating for Menstrual health care within the BLAME community.

  • Importance of reasonable adjustments and how to support them within the work place (mensural health and / or neurodivergent and / or IVF).

  • Accepting your diagnosis and adjusting to the new you. 

  • Using art to explore and come to terms with diagnosis and treatment. 

  • Using literacy to explore and come to terms with diagnosis and treatment. 

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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