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Arts & Crafts

Who can enter?

Project 514 415 invites everyone who has endometriosis or has been impacted by endometriosis to take part in project 514 415, such as:

  • People with Endometriosis 

  • Loved ones
    (Parents / Family members / Children / Friends)

  • Medical professionals working with endometriosis patients / Medical researchers

Designer's World

What can be submitted?

Art / Media can include but not limited to: acrylic, airbrush, assemblage, bronze, charcoal, colour pencil, collage, digital art, drawings, encaustic, fibre art, graphite, glass art, illustration, jewellery, mixed media, new media, oil, painting, pastel, photography (traditional and digital), printmaking, sculpture, video, screen-printing, textiles, lace making, fashion design, and watercolour.


Literature can include poems, comic's, open letters and short stories limited to 5000 words.

Creating a Mood Board

Types of Submissions

Submissions are completely open to interpretation, you just have to be inspired by your endometriosis journey, be that (but not limited to):

  • Your diagnosis journeys.

  • Your treatments / surgeries / flare ups / symptoms

  • Menopause (surgical / medical / natural) /post-menopause

  • IVF / pregnancy / being a parent.

  • Advise to the next generation / medical professionals / fellow sufferers.

  • A reflection of your journey

  • A future wish

  • Where you are now

  • What endo has taken from you / what it has given you.

Stand Up Meeting

What will happen to my submission?

All Submissions submitted will have the opportunity to take part in our current and future projects such as but not limited to our touring art galleries, live events, published books, campaigns etc.  

To date our artists and authors have taken part in the following projects:

·        Project 514 415 2024 endometriosis campaign 

·        A gallery viewing in Norway 

·         1-IN-10 POETRY book

Dry Roses and Diary

Tell your story, your way!

Project 514 415 creates a variety of art and literature-based project that gives a voice to all endometriosis sufferers through a collection of photography, art, poems, and short stories. In which submissions will be selected to partake in current and future projects, to help raise awareness on the impact and lived experiences of endometriosis


Project 514 415 invites everyone impacted by endometriosis to submit an art or literature piece of work inspired by their endometriosis journey.

Inspire others by your endometriosis journey!

We hope that Project 514 415 will have a positive impact on everyone who takes part. Be that as a healing process,  processing tool, or a reflective experience, depending on what part of your journey you are currently experiencing. We would love Project 514 415 to be as inclusive & diverse as possible, showing the full impact that endometriosis has on sufferers lives. From the; highs to the lows, the miracles to the calamities, and everything in between. 

BE BRAVE!               

BE CREATIVE!               

BE INSPIRED!                


BE BRAVE!               

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