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Curated by Chelsea (please note some galleries maybe co-hosted with WWEndoMarch)

USA Touring Gallery

We are so excited to share with you the Project 514 415 USA Art exhibitions, we are yet to finalise dates and locations as we are awaiting for the UK touring gallery to finalises. Australia art gallery will follow in 2025. 



Please keep checking for updates

Fourth of July



Awaiting confirmation from the UK tour.


Why are only selected Artist going on tour?

Project 514 415 are working in partnership with independent galleries which are limited for space, therefore we are working within the guidelines and wishes of the gallery. We are fortunate enough to have an amazing collection of professional, emerging & amateur artists in which we are working directly with each individual gallery to curate a Project 514 415 gallery viewing that is suitable for their audience. 


Ronald West

Julliet King IMG_1917 2.jpeg


Buying and selling of art works

All artists have the option to sell their works at the gallery viewings. In which a percentage of the sale will go directly to the gallery to pay for their overheads  such as venue hire, staffing, insurance etc. In which Project 514 415 will not receive any monies from sales of art works at these galleries', the galleries have however, reduced their fee's to enable the artist the choice of making a direct donation to the project upon sale of their art work.

Julliet King 


Curated Art Book 

With the permission of the selected artists we will be curating a coffee table art book based on the works that have been selected for the touring galleries only. This book will be focused on the art alone, and will enable everyone to see the full collection of art pieces being showcased around the world. Enabling everyone to see the full collection, as artists replace their sold art work, with new pieces. Making every gallery location a unique experience with different art works on show, 


Susanne Jenssen 

Donations to Project 514 415

We kindly request all exhibiting artists and gallery guests interested in supporting our ongoing and upcoming projects to consider making direct contributions through our 'GoFundMe' or 'Buy Me a Coffee' page.

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