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Share your endometriosis journey and inspire change by submitting a piece of art or literature work based on your journey with endometriosis. 


  • Closing Date: 30th November 2023

  • Expected book release date: TBC.


  • All submissions will be published

  • Selected submissions will be showcased at an exhibition & open mic night, with the effects of living with endometriosis being the central theme

Art Gallery

Terms and Conditions

  • A maximum of 5 submissions per person. 

  • Editorial changes maybe required to digital submissions during the formatting process.

  • Upon submission you agree that no copy-right infringement has taken place. That you are the creator of your submission. 

  • It will be your responsibility to deliver or post all non-digital submissions to London (UK).

  • You must have consent of anyone whose identity you have used (verbally or visually). If consent is unable to be obtained, please protect their identity by using a pseudonym (for literature submissions only). 

  • Submissions are welcomed and encouraged from around the world.

  • All submissions must be submitted by the submission form, and can not be accepted by social media or email. 

  • If you wish to remain anonymous, please type ANONYMOUS as your first name. 

  • We will not publish any discriminatory, racial or inappropriate submissions, in which we will reserve the right to deny such submissions we feel could directly or indirectly cause harm. 

Project 514 415 Submission Form

If you would like to remain anonymous please type 'ANONYMOUS' as your first name.
How does endometrosis impact you?
Type of submission
Upload File

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

Capture Your Endometriosis  Journey

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