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Our main aim is for Project 514 415 to be 100% transparent with all donations and most importantly where these donations are spent. We understand how infuriating it is to donate money to a organisation and not know how your money was spent. So we decided to make it easy for you to see how we are supporting the endometriosis community. 


We are an international community project ran by volunteers around the world, in which no gifts, payments, or wages are received by the Project 514 415 management, partnerships or ambassadors. We rely solely on donations, fund raising events and sale of in-house merchandise from our website to fund our current and future projects. We only accept donations via "Buy Me a Coffee" or "Go Fund Me", in which we advise everyone who wishes to donate to follow the links on our website.

Donations to date as of 25th April 2024


Go Fund Me 



Buy Me a Coffee


You can also opt for a monthly membership with 'Buy Me a Coffee' to offer as contained support (please note that memberships can be cancelled at anytime)


Fund Raisers


We are yet to organise an fund raiser. 

British Pound Coins

Our Projects 

Where have the pennies (and pounds) gone


Symptom Postcards 

We have printed over 8000 postcards and have been distributing them around the UK, Malaysia, Hong Kong and USA at the cost of our ambassadors and volunteers  

approx. £600 to date

This money was personally donated in house by Aimee, Verity, Jessie and Chelsea. As we felt that this was a vital resource to educate the public on the symptoms of endometriosis with the of empowering people suffering with these symptoms to seek medical assistance. 


Media costs

We have yearly charges of running the Website, Survey Monkey, and Canva which are also donated in house. 

£899 a year 

These are vital to running of the project to enable submissions in addition to designing educational and promotional material which supports the running of Project 514 415. 


Awareness Posters 

We have printed hundreds of posters and have displayed them in the community within the the UK, USA and Norway

approx.. £1500

This money was personally donated in house by Aimee, Verity, Jessie, Chelsea, Ashley, and Candice.  As we felt that this was a vital resource to educate the public and debunk misconceptions of endometriosis. 

Inga's Art Studio also paid for the printing and distribution of 128 posters around Norway. 


Poetry Book

We are currently producing the 514 415 Poetry book. This book is being edited and curated by volunteers of the project, and will be self-published with the aim to help raise much needed funds to help our current and future projects. 

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